Saturday, April 13, 2013

Understanding Ferrel, by Paul

Annie is naturally gentle, but also spirited. She has challenged my patience many times. But not knowing where her issues end is my greatest learning challenge. She is blind from birth, probably booted from the nest to perish, as nature might have it, so ferrel she is with no association with mother or siblings , no parenting from her own kind, only her instincts to guide her survival .  Being a healthy large breed, thankfully a protector at heart, she has forgiven my lack of understanding many times and has put up with my expectations, however crazy without levelling me! She leans on me despite my demands and plays like a puppy. She is excited when she hears Val's voice on returning from an absence. She shows excitement by barking to the sky. She has pride while waltzing around the yard with a toy in her mouth, thinking this is her job.

Meanwhile, tending to the visual business is our 2 1/2 year old Great Pyr Ruby who barks warnings at strangers nearby, or anything that may require her attention.  Annie is right there in full support and voice not knowing what the heck is up or down! How all this has come about is truly fascinating to try to understand, and we will never know all the components that have come to this point in Annie's development . But I do know that Ruby has been absolutely the biggest assistant to both Val and I, she is truly her breed, protecting Annie, mentoring and disciplining in a way we could not.  So Ruby's instincts have just garnered my great respect for this breed and to her, such a loving gentle dog with loyalty to death for us and her flock. Don't mess with this lady!

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