Thursday, November 29, 2012

How difficult could this be?

Annie, her life begins. Paul and I are confident that we can do this. She's blind, we will help her, shouldn't be too difficult, Ruby will guide us, can't be that hard?

I'll just Google "how to raise a blind puppy" that will tell me everything I need to know, the local library has to have a book I can borrow, Amazon, I'll try Amazon! Guide Dogs For The Blind, no, that's not what I need. Yahoo Groups, someone over there must have all the answers, "my dog is 12 years old and going blind" getting closer, not close enough.
Alas, an amazing website, complete with New Owner Resources, tips, training, adoptions, toys for blind dogs, puppy page, house breaking, what not to do. I have found a wealth of information and some excellent suggestions to guide me.
Use bells on your shoes to help them find you, a tabletop fountain can be used a a water bowl, use textured materials to mark areas, throw rugs and decorative pillows are great, hang a potpourri sachet on the door, try using different scented candles in each room, try to express happy emotions!!

Can it be done? Look at that face, sweet as pie. "Can't be that hard" as I hold her in my arms.

As the days go by I read and re-read. I look at Annie and shake my head.

Water fountain? Raised water and food dish.
Bells on my toes? Hand held dinner bell.
Throw rugs and decorative pillows? Removed immediately.
Potpourri and scented candles? Only to cover the wafting odours of the many accidents on the floor.
Express happy emotions? Smiling on the outside and crying on the inside isn't as easy as it sounds.

In a perfect world with a perfect puppy everything would be fine. Within days Paul and I realize this is a massive massive responsibility, and that's an understatement.

Annie is tough. Annie wants nothing to do with scented candles. Annie will bite your hands so hard, she will make them bleed. Annie has no listening skills, no bladder control, no manners what so ever. Annie likes smoked salmon.

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  1. Found you via your neighbors, whose friend posted about you on a Newfoundland list. It is an incredible thing you are doing. I hope you keep posting to this blog, I, for one, will be very interested in watching Annie's story unfold.