Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Journey

Paul and I choose Route 1. It had been years since either one of us traveled this road. It will be a fast trip, but the excitement of meeting Annie for the first time keeps us going. 

We stopped for the night about an hour away from Calgary, Alberta. The next morning Ron and Dianne were waiting patienly for us at a crossroad gas station near Cochrane.

Could this be love?

Within an hour we had said our goodbyes. On the road again for the long journey home. Annie doesn't settle in very well. She is sitting quietly on my until we hit our first bump on the road. White fur can fly!! Oh my, this is going to be one heck of a trip home, there are alot of bumps in the road. Eventually, after an hour or so, she relaxes, while the entire time I'm telling her "you're safe" and holding her tight. Ruby in the meantime is simply sprawled out on the back seat of the truck, sleeping soundly knowing that Paul and I had the situation under control.
"Hey, there's a river, let's stop and stretch our legs?"
Yes Annie, you are free to run and  jump and bark and play all day.
You're safe.
We are getting closer to home now, Annie has settled down quite nicely, the scenery is gorgeous, classical music is playing on the radio, Ruby is still sleeping. Paul and I are speachless.
This was the moment of truth. What would she do? How do we go about showing her the life she will come to know?



  1. Such a precious little girl. Love her!

  2. Thank you ratirose68. Yes, she is very precious to our family. It's amazing to watch her grow up. Every day is a learning experience for us.